GESITS (Garansindo Electric Scooter ITS) is the first automatic scooter-type of motorcycle that runs with electric power in Indonesia. GESITS project is a collaboration between PT Garasindo and ITS  that is predicted to dominate the electric motorcycle market in Indonesia, even in Southeast Asia (ASEAN).


The concept applying electric motorcycle functional, powerful, efficient and environmentally friendly. Garansindo and ITS seems to also want to give another option to consumers in addition to the two-wheeled scooter gasoline that already exist today.

“Gesits electricity equivalent to 125 cc scooter. However, we have greater torque. From the data dyno, Gesits torque reached 20 Nm,”

Width 695 mm, length 1,910 mm, height 1,110 mm, the total weight 120 kg and maximum weight up to 150 kg only consume energy 50 km/Kwh, while the power transfer using timing belt and is usually found on market.

“The cost US $0.11 per kWh, so you just US$ 0.57 when riding Gesits every 100 kilometers. Highly efficient and cheap!”

Chassis body using one inch diameter tubular steel and black fiber plastic wrapped around body. Front design as shark snout ended headlamp on both sides. The rear has multilevel seats for driver and passenger.

Gesits carries 5 KW electric motor, driven resource a lithium ion battery 50 volts and 40 AH to support range of 100 kilometers on single charge. It only takes 90 minutes to fully charge the battery.

Motorcycle equipped regenerative brake features and the battery will recharge automatically when deceleration. Motor system connected directly to Android OS. Users monitor speed, rpm, temperature and voltage through smartphone.

Wheel drive system use single belt with final gear ratio 1: 3.57. Scooters actually automatic transmission system, while the single sokbreker the rear position in middle such as motor sport. Speed up to 110 kilometers per hour.

Chassis: Tubular
Length: 1910 mm
Width: 695 mm
Height: 1,110 mm
Mileage: 85-100 km
Motor power: 5 KW
Battery: 50 volt, 40 AH
Total weight: 120 kg
Transport capacity: 150 kg
Max speed: 110 km / h
Energy consumption: 50 km / kwh
Move power: Belt